Top 5 swim products to protect kids this summer

The Summer months are peeking around the corner in Australia, and it's time to think about getting set for some serious fun in the sun. We have compiled a list of 5 of our favorite protective swim products that the kids will love using and parents will be happy for them to use.

Solar Buddies

Solar buddies sunscreen applicator

Solar Buddies Sunscreen applicator

First on our list has to be Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator, because it does make life that much easier. Have you ever entered a wrestling match trying to get sunscreen on your kids? Or just want to make the whole getting ready for a sunny outing or swim more pleasant? We hear you! The ultimate fussing frustration for so many parents is sunscreening their kids. Solar buddies is a genius invention, created by two mums, with the purpose to make sunscreen application easy and mess-free.


Frogglez kids swim goggles

Frogglez swim goggles blue

Goggles that don't leak, pull hair, or slip down, Sounds too good to be true right?

Frogglez swim goggles were designed by a dad, who after seeing the frustrations of his daughter and other kids struggling, thought, there must be a better way. Frogglez are made from soft neoprene fabric with velcro adjustable tabs, kids can put them on themselves and adjust on-the-go!

Bed Head Hats

Pink girls swim hat

Bed Head girls swim bucket hat

Everybody loves Bead Head hats, did you know they made Swim hats? UPF50+ and an anti-flop brim (yes, anti-flop is a thing!). They come in a beautiful range of patterns and colours, we love that they are quick drying.

We Are Feel Good Inc. 

 We are feel good inc. sunscreen for sensitive skin

Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+

We see so many families using this Sensitive sunscreen, and for good reason too! It's non-greasy, effective, and gentle enough for the whole family to use, which makes it one of our personal favorites.

Minnow Designs

kids swim bag

Minnow Designs Dry Bag- Cactus

Designed in Australia by two mums, Minnow has a stand-out range of dry bags with beautiful designs. They are waterproof and have a clever roll-top closure, keeping the contents from falling out! Our favorite swim bags just got better, and now come in 3l and 5l sizes, with the 5l (coming in August) featuring 4 carry configurations, so the kids can decide how they want to carry their own stuff.