About Us

At Rock Pool Kids, we have carefully selected a range of products with our focus being kids swimwear and essentials that protect them and look great. Making life easier and fun for everyone.

Growing up in the 80’s when sun protection wasn't really a concern, but with a sun-cautious mother and very few sun-safe options, we were made to wear extra large t-shirts to swim in, thankfully we now have some fantastic options with purposefully made products designed to protect children from the elements.

Now, as the mum of two sunshine kids that love the water, I want to see them enjoying the sunshine, and for them to be protected, so they are free to play and discover.

Being a small family run business, we care about each person that visits our store, and are committed to providing an enjoyable and personal experience. We work hard to reduce waste and our environmental footprint, from our packaging to how we run the business, we try to make choices that will help us move toward our sustainability goals.