What are swim hats?


Bedhead swim hat pink

We all want our kids to be protected from the sun, but we want them to be able to enjoy the sun too!  Perhaps you've seen kids at the beach or pool sporting a hat, some more practical and comfortable than others.


Did you know there are hats that are designed especially for water play?

Bedhead boys swim hat

Bedhead Hats are an well-loved and trusted Australian brand, and they have a unique range of swim hats!


What sets these hats apart from regular hats? 

💦 They are made of quick-drying nylon stretch knit fabric

💦 They are UPF50+

💦 Chlorine safe 

💦 Anti-flop brims

💦 Machine washable

💦Comfortable chin strap with adjustable toggle

Bedhead swim hats collection

The ponytail bucket hats feature a unique slot to wear comfortably with a ponytail

Bedhead legionaire swim hat

Bedhead swim hats also come in a legionnaire design


Swim hats are best for use in a wet environment - at the beach, lake, swimming pool or splashing about under the hose!